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AZ Registrar of Contractors Offers Financial Protection

AZ REGISTRAR OF CONTRACTORS RECOVERY FUND Everyone Loves to Save Money, But… Lets face it everyone wants to save money. But do not be a penny wise and a dollar foolish – in other words saving a little can wind up costing you a lot in the long run. Some projects are fine to do by yourself, or by using a good handyman, but sometimes you really should uses a Arizona licensed contractor.   Financial Protection *The State of Arizona requires all licensed residential contractors to provide financial protection to their customers. The protections apply whether you buy a new home, remodel, build a swimming pool or have a new roof put on your home. In order to obtain a license, a residential contractor must post a cash deposit or surety bond of $4,250.00 to $15,000.00. In addition, a residential contractor must either pay into the recovery fund or post a second bond of $200,000.00. The vast majority of residential contractors have chosen to participate in the fund. Therefore, there are actually two programs offering financial protection. We will explain in some detail how to collect from either one. Recovery fund. * above paragraph from website Please follow and like...

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Licensed Arizona Contractor Requirements

Licensed Arizona Contractor Requirements Any individual who contracts or offers to contract to alter, build, repair, remove from, add to, move, improve, demolish, or wreck any structure, road, highway, railroad, excavation, or building, or do any part of the work has to be a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona. Included in work requiring a license is the creation of connections to utility service lines, sewer lines, or metering devices, scaffolding, mechanical or structural service to a structure or improvement, and any other work in connection with said project must be licensed. The term contractor also includes subcontractors, landscape contractors, consultants, and floor cover contractors representing themselves as having the capability to manager or supervise a construction project for the benefit of a property owner. Management or supervision includes firing and hiring of specialty contractors, scheduling work for projects, and selecting and purchasing construction materials. Why is this Contractor Information on our Home Inspection Website? Its simple, obviously after a property is inspected, there is a list of items that are in need of repair. Sometimes these are items you can do by yourself, sometimes taken care of by a handyman, but sometimes you really need to use a licensed professional. It will usually cost more, but there are benefits. Who Can Apply for an Arizona Contractor License? An individual, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company may apply...

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Arizona Certified Home Inspector Requirements

Arizona Certified Home Inspector Requirements Some basic requirements to becoming an Arizona certified home inspector are you must be eighteen years or older, pass the national exam to become certified, and complete inspections. In addition to passing an exam and completing inspections, you must pay fees for the licenses and the fingerprint processing. Classroom Training In order to qualify to take the exam, you must first complete eighty four hours of classroom training at a certified school. This can be completed either online or offline, and it may or may not lead to an associate’s degree. Certification Exam The...

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Inspection Protection

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