Day: March 2, 2018

Finding a Good Arizona Licensed HVAC Contractor

Finding a Good Arizona Licensed HVAC Contractor Many states that license an HVAC contractor require the applicant to have a minimum amount of experience, around two to five years, working with HVAC systems. That experience is imperative because HVAC contractors will have to have a good understanding of how things such as refrigerant, electrical wiring, airflow through heating ducts, and combustion systems work. Not only is your comfort important, but safety is a critical factor when choosing a good Arizona licensed HVAC contractor. Check the License Checking a contractor’s license number is as easy as going online and looking it up on a government website. Sometimes, an individual city and municipality will have their specific requirements for an HVAC contractor as well. Since heating and cooling work can also require repairing or installing plumbing to supply the oil or natural gas to equipment, an HVAC contractor can be required to have a licensed plumber readily available, too. Bonded and Insured Heating and cooling contractors have to meet specific minimum experience and education requirements, as well as pass a written exam in order to be licensed. In addition to having a license, a contractor should be bonded and have liability and worker’s compensation insurance in case something were to happen. Accidents happen all the time in the contract industry, whether it’s the homeowner’s fault or the contractor’s, and having that...

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Advantages of Licensed Arizona Electrical Contractors

Advantages of a Using a Arizona Licensed Electrician Why would anyone use a Arizona licensed electrician when they are almost always more expensive than an unlicensed individual? Because unlicensed, inexpensive contractors come at a much higher price than their initial bid if they do something wrong, or if someone gets hurt. It’s much better to go with a licensed contractor than to go with the cheapest bidder. Check out the seven reasons why you should hire an Arizona licensed electrician. Plus the financial protection advantage. Certified Licensed contractors are properly trained and certified. They have the experience, knowledge, and skills to get the project done quicker, safer, and cheaper in all the right ways – not the wrong ones. Licensed contractors can offer suggestions for installation and materials, and they are a valuable resource to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Properly Trained Licensed contractors are properly trained, and when it comes to something as dangerous as electricity, that’s imperative. A licensed contractor is a troubleshooter who will ensure that the root of the problem will be found and fixed, saving the client time and money. Up-To-Date with Codes There are national, state, and local codes an Arizona licensed electrician has to stay up to date with, and a licensed contractor has to obtain the proper permits for a job. The benefit of getting a permit...

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