Networking with clients is great if you’re in the real estate business. But it isn’t going to sustain you unless it leads to truly sustainable relationships. Too many Realtors get to know clients during a buy or sell transaction, but then the relationship fizzles. That’s why the intentional nurturing or cultivation of those strong long-term client relationships is extremely valuable. Here are four tips to help you develop those kinds of rewarding relationships.

Find Mutual Connections

With anyone, the key to establishing a good relationship is shared things that you both have in common. With a real estate client that might be hobbies. Maybe you attended the same college, or you have kids that are in school together. Do you both frequent the same restaurants or root for the same sports teams? You may attend the same place of worship or belong to professional networks or associations together. All of those are points of potential long-term connection. So get to know your clients and uncover what you share in common. Then build on that.

Take a Genuine Interest in Them

One of the easiest ways to enhance your client relationships is to show a real interest in them. You can’t fake it, though, or it will just come off like a superficial sales pitch. When you’re with a client and are exploring those things you have in common, be an active and attentive listener. Everyone has interesting knowledge, experience, and stories to share. All you have to do is show real interest in a person and they’ll be delighted that you do. Ask them good questions, everybody likes that. That’s a great foundation for growing your client relationships and taking them to the next level.

Devote Time to the Relationship

We’re all extremely busy, and it can be difficult to set aside quality time to spend cultivating your client relationships. That’s why you may want to strategize ways to put in the time, without straining your schedule. You could host an open house or real estate seminar and invite several of them. Or you could have a party or other social gathering, where you’ll get a chance to mingle with many clients on the same occasion. Take advantage of social media to keep those relationships fresh and alive, too. Posting and sharing on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to do that. It will also likely lead to the development of new contacts who will later become your clients.

Show Up When it Counts

A really powerful way to build and strengthen client relationships is to be there for important benchmarks in their lives. When you remember things like birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones it means so much to the other person. That can make you memorable, and do wonders for enhancing your relationship on both a professional and personal level. Take special note whenever they mention particular important dates or events. Write them down on your calendar. Maybe you’ll show up when they win an award or be there to cheer when their kid plays a big game on the school team. Think about graduations, major holidays, and times when you can extend your congratulations on their work achievements. It all accumulates over time, and adds up to a very powerful client relationship.

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