keys for obtaining an Arizona home inspection certification

Arizona Certified Home Inspector Requirements

Some basic requirements to becoming an Arizona-certified home inspector are:  You must be eighteen years or older, pass the national home inspectors exam to become certified, and complete parallel inspections. In addition to passing an exam and completing inspections, you must pay fees for the licenses and the fingerprint processing.

Classroom Training

In order to qualify to take the exam, you must first complete eighty-four hours of classroom training at a certified school. This can be completed either online or offline, and it may or may not lead to an associate’s degree.

Certification Exam

The fees for the exam is $225, and you’re required to pass the National Home Inspector Examination. Four hours are allotted for completing the exam, which has two hundred multiple-choice questions. The exam is scale is scored from two hundred to eight hundred with a five hundred pass point.

Required Application Documents

To obtain a license, the following application documents are required.

  • An application with the appropriate fee supplied and fingerprint processing fee in the form of a money order or check made payable to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration. The application fee is $100 and the fingerprint fee is $42.
  • A copy of the completion results from the National Home Inspector Exam. The exam has to have been completed within two years of application.
  • A completion certificate of eighty-four hours of education.
  • A log of completed home inspections that contain the address and date of the inspection, of one hundred inspections or thirty parallel inspections. A computer printout of the information is acceptable.
  • A home inspection report for one of the parallel inspections.
  • An Arizona statement of citizenship form.
  • A fingerprints verification form and fingerprints in a sealed envelope.
  • A government-issued identification.
  • A report checklist supplement.
  • A signed and dated Notice to Home Inspectors.
  • A verification of experience form completed by a certified home inspector.

Once the application packet has been properly filled out, and the required fees are enclosed, it can be mailed. It will be received in the Board office, assigned a number, and then a file will be made. There is no refund possible at that time. Once all verifying data has been confirmed, the application will be evaluated. It is recommended that applicants check back with the office within five weeks of applying. This to ensure all the necessary information was received.

Further Requirements

Within sixty days of the certification process, and before any home inspection is completed – a home inspector has to have on file one of these two financial assurances:

  • Errors & Omissions insurance in the sum of $200 in the total and $100,000 per occurrence.
  • A bond that’s backdated to the accreditation date in the sum of $25,000 or proof that minimum net properties have a worth of $25,000.

AZ Inspection Standards

Some inspectors will follow the minimum requirements to a tee, and others like 1st Insight Inspections will do much more than the minimum.