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Things to do in Chandler Arizona

Exploring Chandler, Arizona

Nestled within the Sonoran Desert of Maricopa County, Chandler, Arizona, is a dynamic city that boasts a rich blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and modern amenities. From outdoor adventures to cultural escapades. There is an abundance of things to do in Chandler that cater to residents and visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, excitement, or education, Chandler has something to offer for every preference.

Discover the Outdoors:

1. Tumbleweed Park: Spanning 225 acres, Tumbleweed Park is a recreational haven offering picnic areas, playgrounds, sports courts, and even a lake for fishing. The Chandler Veterans Oasis Park within Tumbleweed Park showcases native plants, hiking trails, and a diverse range of wildlife, making it an excellent spot for nature enthusiasts.

2. Desert Breeze Park: This expansive park features a lake with paddle boats, shaded picnic areas, volleyball courts, and a train for kids to enjoy. The Desert Breeze Railroad offers a scenic ride through the park, allowing visitors to appreciate its natural beauty.

3. San Tan Mountain Regional Park: For those craving a more adventurous experience. SanTan Mountain Regional Park offers hiking and biking trails that wind through the stunning desert landscape. The panoramic views from the trails are a treat for both novice and experienced outdoor enthusiasts.

Cultural Enrichment

1. Chandler Museum: Immerse yourself in the history of Chandler at the Chandler Museum. The museum showcases the city’s evolution, from its agricultural roots to its modern growth. Interactive exhibits and historical artifacts provide insight into Chandler’s past.

2. Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery: Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery, which displays a collection of Western American and American Indian art. The gallery provides an opportunity to explore the cultural heritage of the region through various artistic mediums.

3. Chandler Center for the Arts: Delve into the vibrant arts scene at the Chandler Center for the Arts. This cultural hub hosts a diverse range of performances, from concerts and dance recitals to theatrical productions and art exhibitions.

Retail Therapy and Dining Delights:

1. Downtown Chandler: The heart of the city, downtown Chandler, offers a mix of unique shops, boutiques, and galleries. Spend a leisurely afternoon browsing through charming stores, and stop by local eateries for delectable meals that cater to diverse tastes.

2. Chandler Fashion Center: Shopaholics will find solace at Chandler Fashion Center, a sprawling shopping mall with a plethora of retail options. From high-end brands to department stores, the mall has something for everyone.

3. Culinary Exploration: Chandler’s culinary scene is a melting pot of flavors, with a wide array of restaurants offering everything from Southwestern cuisine to international dishes. Explore local eateries for authentic Mexican fare, enjoy farm-to-table experiences, or indulge in gourmet dining.

Family-Friendly Fun

1. Arizona Railway Museum: Take a journey into the past at the Arizona Railway Museum, where vintage locomotives and railroad artifacts provide an educational and engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

2. Uptown Jungle Fun Park: A paradise for kids, Uptown Jungle Fun Park features trampolines, obstacle courses, climbing walls, and slides, offering endless opportunities for energetic play.

3. i.d.e.a. Museum: Catering to the young and the young at heart, the i.d.e.a. Museum offers interactive exhibits that encourage creativity, imagination, and learning through play.

Chandler Golf Getaways

1. Ocotillo Golf Club: Golf enthusiasts will find bliss at Ocotillo Golf Club, boasting a stunning 27-hole course surrounded by water features and lush landscapes.

2. Whirlwind Golf Club: This renowned golf club offers two championship courses designed by Gary Panks. And Devil’s Claw course, provides a challenging gameplay in a picturesque desert setting.

Chandler Festivals and Events

1. Chandler Ostrich Festival: An iconic event that celebrates the city’s ostrich farming history, the Chandler Ostrich Festival features live music, carnival rides, and, of course, ostrich races.

2. Chandler Jazz Festival: Jazz lovers will delight in the Chandler Jazz Festival, where local and national artists come together to create melodious magic.

3. Chandler International Film Festival: Film buffs can indulge their passion at the Chandler International Film Festival, which showcases a curated selection of films from around the world.


Chandler, Arizona, is a vibrant tapestry woven with a myriad of activities and experiences that cater to a diverse range of interests. From outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs to art lovers and foodies, the city offers a wealth of attractions that reflect its cultural depth and modern vitality. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Chandler invites you to explore its landscapes, engage with its heritage, and create lasting memories through an array of captivating adventures.

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