Chandler Home Inspector

Why do I need a home inspection in Chandler?

Purchasing a home in is the single largest expense most people ever make, so choosing the best chandler home inspector is very important. A home inspection will identify items that are in need of repair, or replacement. This will allow negotiations to hopefully have the seller either repair, or replace the items, or have the seller discount the purchase price for the estimated cost for repairs. This way a buyer can make the repairs, without having to come out of pocket to do so. And even if the seller will do nothing, you are armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

1st Insight Inspections is a service-oriented inspection company, that serves both home buyers and home sellers. We conduct property inspections which include: roof inspection, exterior / structural inspection, electrical, plumbing, interior, heating and cooling, appliance safety recall checks and more. 1st Insight Inspections services conducts inspections in Chandler, AZ and throughout the Greater East Valley

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What does a Chandler home inspector look for?

A knowledgeable home inspector is aware that one the largest dangers to a home is water. Water penetration into a home must be dealt with because it can cause serious, permanent damage to the home. Water can cause mold, rotting wood, and more. Since water is such a detriment to the home, considerable time will be spent by the inspector looking for signs of water damage, especially signs that the current homeowner may have tried to cover up.

A home inspector should also be looking for signs of poor attempts at home improvement by inexperienced DIYers. One of the hardest things to catch, and also one of the most dangerous, is faulty wiring. Issues to look for include overloaded junction boxes, wiring that is not appropriately secured to the structure, and improperly wired electrical outlets. Faulty wiring can be a danger to the homeowner due to possible electrocution or house fire.

Another issue with an amateur DIYer doing home improvement, can be found in room additions. A potential homeowner may see a room with carpet, seating, and a TV, as a bonus space. An experienced Chandler home inspector will know to evaluate additions very carefully.

Home inspectors should be assessing a home for its deficiencies, to be sure it will be safe to live in for the potential buyer. Many items discussed in the inspection may not actually be issues yet, but items that are neglected over time can turn into major problems. Home maintenance is very important. As a matter of fact many times the majority of items found in a home inspection is deferred maintenance.

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