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Below are feedback and reviews sent by email that we have received from customers, and real estate agents…

Best company ever! Chuck was awesome the report was super fast and very easy to read! I highly recommend them!!! – Jenna Alvarez

Thank you for your professionalism and caring. — Lynn Monroy

Great report! Love all the pictures with arrows. It makes it so much easier to understand. I appreciate you doing this for us. Thanks for a thorough job!–Pat Fregd – Agent

I was very pleased with the House Inspection that 1st Insight did for our property in Scottsdale. I had no idea what to expect but the inspector was so thorough and professional that I knew we got the right Company to do the Inspection.  All my questions in layman terms so I understood what he was talking about. He took the time to explain his answers to both myself and my wife. The final report was as great as the Inspection.–Carl Christensen

I just wanted to let you know that i have definitely found a new inspection team to go to. I thought everything was exceptional from the very beginning so thank you very much. I really appreciated the advice you gave my clients, based on what you saw and the expertise you showed throughout the final walk-thru. Really wish I had used you guys when I bought my house in February!! I saw my clients again Friday night, and they totally agreed and could not have been happier. Thanks again, and hope to do business with you again real soon!, take care and all the best.–Jesse Vogt – Agent

1st Insight Inspections is a great company to work with. Their prices are reasonable, their turn times are excellent, and they do a great job communicating with the agent as well as the buyers. I have been very happy with their service from the first inspection they have done and they will continue to be my go-to company because I know they will continue to exceed expectations.–Jacob Chapman, Designated Broker for Desert North

Very professional and thorough. The inspector made the inspection experience very pleasant. I would definitely use 1st Insight again and highly recommend to others!–Robert Laba

I enjoyed working with you on the two inspections… hope to send more your way soon!–Tammy Parker – Agent

I wanted to thank you so very much for the great job you did with our home inspection! You definitely went above and beyond. I can\’t tell you how much I appreciate you waiting for Josh to get there to go over the inspection items. You are great and what you do and I will definitely pass on your information to anyone I know needing a home inspection.–Tara Marriott

Chuck was extremely detailed, he took the time to explain everything too us. The report was exceptionally detailed. I definitely would use 1st Insight again.–Greg and Tina Smith

Chuck was very cordial and friendly, and he did a very thorough inspection. He explained all his findings, to both myself and the buyer during his final walk through of the property. The report was the best I have seen, so detailed but yet easy to read, full of photos with arrows pointing to the problem areas, and links to websites which would further explain the findings. I will defiantly use 1st Insight again!–Patty Perry- Agent

1st Insight did a great job on my inspection. I was informed of many things that other inspectors would have never bothered to even mention. My Realtor even told me that the inspector appeared to do more than the average inspector. I am very pleased with the service and will recommend your company to everyone. Thanks!–Bill Epperlein

After working with1st Insight, I have no doubt you are professional and capable to handle the inspections. I will introduce your team to my fellow Realtors without any prejudice.–Guptan Nair – Agent

1st Insight inspections did an excellent inspection job, they were very detailed, and explained their findings in a great report, which was full of photos and very easy to comprehend.–Mike Lenz – Agent

The customer service provided to me and my clients by 1st Insight Inspections has been exceptional! I appreciate how quickly Chuck responds to requests for inspections. The inspections are very thorough, the report comes with lots of pictures, and items are explained clearly. A common sense approach is used when discussing findings with my buyers.–Tammy Parker – Agent

The best home inspection I ever had!–Joe Figueora

My clients thought you were great, and believe me, that means a lot to ME!–David Hulka – Agent

The inspection was just GREAT — I will call you for our next inspection.–Luckie Gordon – Agent

The inspection went great, the inspector was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The report looked great and will help me to fix the small stuff around the new house. Luckily I am pretty handy around the house so it will be easy. So all in all it went well!–Mark McDaniel

Very happy with your detailed report, and turnaround time.–Mari Valenzuela

1st Insight did a great job, the inspector was very professional, and he communicated all his findings so even I understood it.–Joan Phillips

I was very satisfied with 1st Insights inspection on my listed property in Florence AZ. The report was very thorough and extensive, my out of state custo mers were able to understand all the findings bec ause of the many images and links in the report.–Sharon Somerville – Agent

I thought you did an excellent job and I feel like I got a great deal! I appreciate your comments and detailed *punch list* to improve the quality of our new home. Whenever I have the opportunity, I will recommend your services.–Scott Treece

Thank you so much for your report. We feel so lucky for being able to hire you to inspect the condo we are planing to buy. Thanks to your exceptional way of doing it, now we know exactly what we are dealing with. And thank you so much for all your straight forward suggestions. They all are highly appreciated. Best Regards…–Grazyna & Piotr Tatarowicz

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for inspecting our potential new home. It was a pleasure to have Scott guide us through the walk through. He was professional, knowledgeable and took the time to explain and answer our questions in relation to his findings on the report.–Liz Johnson

I was very happy with the service 1st Insight provided. I will use your services again.–Jim Nelson – Agent

Both my clients and myself were very happy with the inspection and professionalism.–Dena Armstrong – Agent

Everything was great!–Maureen Yaw – Agent

Thanks, I thought your inspection report was a First Rate Job, better than what I was getting from my usual inspector, where most of the report stated: We recommend you get a Roof Inspection by a Roof Professional, We recommend you get a HVAC Inspection by a HVAC Professional, We recommend you get a Plumbing Inspection by a Plumbing Professional, We recommend you get a Electrical Inspection by Electrician Professional, Etc, Etc, Etc. By the end of the report you are asking yourself – Why in the blazes did we even hire this company when they recommend we ask anyone but them about the condition of the house, and then have the audacity to put a disclaimer stating they will not be held liable for the contents of the report or any items missed during the inspection. Thanks Again, Rich Giddings–Rich Giddings – Agent

It was very good inspection, I intend to use you more often.–Darwin Myers – Agent

We were very satisfied with the inspection. It was very thorough and we appreciate your services.–Sherrie Kelley

Thank you for conducting our home inspection. We felt your inspection was very thorough. We will recommend our Realtor continue to use your services.–Russell and Betty

The inspector was very professional and thorough. Thank you, from myself and Peggy–David Johnson

Thank you so much for doing our home inspection for us. We were very pleased and would definitely recommend you!–Jessica Tubbs

Thank you very much for the detailed inspection you provided. I truly was blown away by your attention to detail and useful insight.–Lance Husted

Your inspection was very thorough. I was not there as I live in Minnesota, but my parents were there and they were EXTREMELY impressed!!–Donna Moore

A great job! My sisters and a friend really liked him and thought he was very thorough.–Mary Tanton – Agent

You guys did great. I have a few friends also goin g through the home buying process and I will pas s your name along when its time for them to get i nspections.–Jeff Kinney

Thank you very much! I liked the reports, very easy to follow and reference so I could create the BINSR for the buyers.–LaDonna Underwood – Realtor

We were very happy with the inspection. Inspector was very thorough and explained everything.–Ann Sack

We are very happy with the work you did. The inspector was very thorough and we feel confident that nothing escaped his attention. We would not hesitate to recommend your company and will use your services if we need an inspection in the future.–Shana Thompson

Thank you — it was a pleasure working with you on the house. The inspector was very helpful — especially about the scorpions (one of the many culture shock issues that are associated with moving to AZ)–David Benson

Thank you for your services, this is the first time I worked with you and I hope we can keep making customers happy, together. Thank you–Sonia Gamez – Agent

I was very happy with the inspection. I will be using you again when I pick another home to live in.–Carlos Carbajal

Chuck was professional, understanding, patient with all our questions, and I would not hesitate to use him in the future.–Anne Reyburn – Agent

Thanks for your help and services, I spoke with Jim and Kitty yesterday to let them know that if they wanted a thorough inspection for their clients, to look no further and hire 1st Insight.–Dan Bowman

​We were very happy with the inspection report that was prepared for us. It was very thorough and detailed. Inspector responded to a few additional questions I had very promptly and honestly. This was very valuable to us considering we are 2,000 miles away. In fact, I had the opportunity to show the inspection report to a builder here in Green Bay who built a home for us a number of years ago and he commented that it was the most detailed inspection report he had ever seen. Home inspections were not routine around here until recently, so I really had never seen one before. It was an eye-opener. At first, I panicked and wondered if we should rescind our offer to purchase, but after going through the attention required issues with our local builder and talking to Chuck, we decided to go ahead with the purchase. We will be in Sun Lakes the latter part of next week to close on the transaction and meet with some handymen for some bids for upgrading the property. Please extend our thanks to Scott for his professionalism and thoroughness. I have several friends who are looking for property in Sun Lakes right now and I will be sure to give them the name of your company,  if they need an inspection.–Tina Carr

1st Insight did a great job and I am very happy with the inspection. Thank you–Moyra Martyn

Everyone is happy with the inspection service and the follow up .Thank You–Jim Dahlin – Agent

Having moved many times in the past this was the 10th or 11th time we had used the services of a home inspection. Your inspection was the most thorough home inspector we have ever had. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend your companies services to anyone looking for a home inspection.–Perry Rebagliati

I am very happy with the service your company provided to me and my buyers.–Synthia Daniels – Agent

Wow! just read through this, very informative and thorough! Thanks again!–Victoria Melendez

You did an awesome job, so thorough.–Anita Long

Thank you for the service 1st Insight offered to my client. Scott did an excellent job and also explained things to my client. I like that he went ahead and tightened things here and there as was needed. I want you to know that I like the value you have added by being a resource to both my clients and me. I will continue to refer my clients to you. I look forward to a long relationship with 1st Insight. Thank you–Millicent Owusu – Agent

Hi, we were very pleased with our inspection service, and would enjoy another inspection from 1st Insight in the future.— Logan Blackwell

I thought you did a very thorough job! I know what has to be done to get this place in rentable condition. I was a very satisfied customer and will be using you again when it comes time to buy another place!–John Hafer

Inspection was great!–Billy Nichols – Agent

I was very pleased with my home inspection. I received great customer service. Very knowledgeable and helpful inspector. Thank you for your outstanding customer services.–Ysidro Rodriguez

Yes, we were very pleased with the way you accommodated us on a rush inspection and were able to move things around to get us the report the same day. The inspector took his time to explain the inspection results and to offer other useful tips for the overall maintenance of the home. I will recommend your services again.–Ernie Uranga – Agent

I must say I was impressed with how thorough your inspection was. I was surprised at the tiniest details that you brought to my attention and you have definitely set a standard for home inspections in my eyes. I would definitely recommend you to others and as we\’ll as utilize your services in future purchases. Thanks for all you do!–Krystal Harris

I was very happy with the inspection and report. Glad I finally got to try your services.–Brett Woolley – Agent

Both I and my client were happy with the inspection. Thank you!–Tam Douglas – Agent

The Inspector was Awesome!! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Will use again…–Diane Welch – Agent

Your service was great. I really appreciate everything you did. Thank you very much.— Martin Richards

Yes we were very pleased with our home inspection, and would recommend your company to friends if they are buying a home in the future. thanks.–Karol Muldowney

I was very happy with the inspection. Scott was gr eat and we got some really good information from him. I just referred a friend of mine that will be needing an inspection done soon.–Lindsey Beaudry

We were happy with the service. The inspection and report were thorough and the inspector was knowledgeable and friendly.–Michael June

The home inspector was AWESOME!!! Very thorough & informative. Thank you so much!!–Dianne Shestko – Agent

Thank you so much for completing the inspection for Jen. This first time home buyer was put at ease with the expertise of the inspector and the information she was given. It is always great knowing I have an inspector to turn to for these buyers!–Shelly Warren – Agent

Yes, I am very happy with your service. You have done a great job!!!!!!! I would use your service again in the future and will recommend your company to friends and families. Thanks–Sok-Eng Pung

A super job, the report is thorough and professional (the best we have seen over several transactions) and Scott has been most helpful in helping us to understand it. We really appreciate the service.–Wes Pue

We are so excited about the house. And, thank you for taking the personal time and making some repairs…that is nice and above the call of duty…if we have any questions, we will definitely give you a call.–Sasa and John Williams

Just a quick note to say thank you for the job of inspecting the home at E Julep. It seems like it checks out pretty well, a few minor issues but overall looks good! We are looking forward to seeing it 🙂 I am happy that our agent, Tammy Parker recommended you for the job! Again Scott, we thank you!!–Jim & Sherri Paplow

Hey the report looks great.. Very easy to read and go over.. If there is any thing we can do let u s know. Like filling out good reports on yelp, Google or anything like that. Thanks again–Tim Briggs

The inspector was very good. Did a very detailed inspection, attention to detail was great. His attitude and professionalism exceeded my expectations.–Michael Riley

You were great, I really appreciate the inspection, you went above and beyond what I have seen others do and as a buyer that is what i needed. Thank you!–Tony Hatfield

My clients and I were very happy with the inspection he performed. In fact my client was unsure about getting a general inspection and was thinking it was going to be a waste of time and money. Needless to say, he was pleasantly surprised! Chuck is very personable and informative and goes the extra mile which is very much appreciated! I will definitely be referring and using 1st Insight Inspections in the future 🙂–Rachel Gilchrist – Agent

Both myself and my client were very happy with the inspection service and will definitely use the service again.–Gemma Hudson – Agent

I was very happy with your service. Thanks for your help.–Michael C. Andrew

Thank you- the inspector did a great job.–Joseph Maggiore – Agent

I was very pleased with the how the inspection went. A great job of explaining everything and I was pleased with how the written report was presented. I intend to use 1st Insight Inspections in the future and would not hesitate recommending you to my fellow agents.–Marty Mogalian – Agent

Well done on the report! Very detailed! Appreciate the time and effort on this inspection. I have already posted on my Realtor Facebook page recommending you.–Holly Carnahan – Agent

Everything was good and my client was impressed with the amount of detailed information. I am sure he would use you again.–Trevor Sharp – Agent

I was very pleased with the entire process. Inspector did an excellent job with his detailed work and exception al reports.–Byron Palen

I could not be happier with your inspection service. I was shown the major issues and explained lots of things too us. I have been a handy man since I was a kid, and have done a lot of building and repair work. Items that I would have never seen or at least noticed for a long time. You will definitely be my go-to inspectors from now on and if I can refer you to anyone, I will!–Michael Dampier – Agent

You were very knowledgeable and awesome. Thanks for everything!–Gabriel and Annaliza

The inspection I received was very professionally recorded and thorough. The seller of the property agreed to fix every single item that I requested them to after providing them the details of the inspection. Thanks again.–Brian Lenertz

I finally got a chance to read your report. Wow, I am very pleased how thorough you were, thank you. I will definitely ask for you again, you\’re awesome.–Lori Westfall

Thank you, my father Alex Augello thought you did an excellent job for him. Very detailed. Thank you–Joe Augello

We are completely happy with the outcome and the fair price. We would definitely recommend your service to others.–Jason Smith

Everything was fabulous with the inspection. Thank you. I will certainly be referring you more business.–Robyn Olson – Agent

The home inspection was excellent. Very detailed and professional. Everything was done in a timely manner including the post write up. Could not be happier with the service provided. Thank you!— David Kolling

We were very happy with the inspection service provided. The inspector was very helpful and explained things in easy to understand terms. Thank you very much.–Bobbi Palmer – Agent

We were very happy. Thank you so much for your hard work and timely response in completion of the report. We will be sure to refer you to anyone that we know in the home by process.–Amanda Barcus

Very complete inspection, organized, on time, efficient, polite. Was great, would use your company again!–Darby Skow

Yes! Let them know that they (1st Insight) received the best compliment possible. It came from our son-in-law Brian Taylor Fracasse who is a Registered Architecht. He has his business near this home and is helping us out. He went out of his way to let us know how thorough the Inspectors were and how impressed he was with their professionalism and knowledge.–Terry and Arlene Engle

We were very happy with the inspection thanks for the great service.–Dave Jardine

Great inspection, and very knowledgeable about the items needing repairs!–Erica Mandaville

Everything was great. Always professional, thorough service. I will use your services whenever possible. I appreciate prompt response and willingness to go the extra mile.–Gabrielle Cienfuegos

We are very happy with the home inspection. Very through and had answers to all our questions. Been a pleasure to do business with you guys thanks.–Fred and Sherry Larson

I was incredibly happy with the services that were provided. You were efficient and your attention to detail was quite impressive. I felt that you went above and beyond. Your passion and expertise for what you do was evident in your work. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family in the future!–Jenn Forrai

We felt that you did a thorough job and were very informative. I would be glad to recommend you to anyone needing an inspection.–Linda Johnson

Everything was awesome.You did an excellent job and gave us all the info we needed. I would recommend him to anybody.–Bobby Watson

I wanted to thank you for the great and useful inspection report. Greatly appreciated. I will know who to recommend now!–Brenda Kuhn – Agent/Buyer

It was great to work with 1st Insight. I will continue to refer my clients to your company. Thanks!–Liesa Harkness – Agent

We are very pleased. We have a real estate practice in La Jolla, CA and have worked with a number of home inspectors over the years and Scott was better than any of them. Many of the inspectors in CA spend more time telling you what is not included in their inspection than just doing their job. The comment that (if it is here on the property, I am going to take a look at it) meant a lot to us. We will be becoming more active in the Phoenix market and will recommend your company exclusively.–Dan and Brenda Wyatt – Agents/Buyers

I was very happy with 1st insight in doing our house inspection in Maricopa, AZ.–Eddie Duncan

The inspection went well, and all involved were pleased with Scott\’s performance and explanations. I will definitely use your services in the future!–Joe Del Re – Agent

Inspection was awesome, everything was extremely thorough and he was more than willing to assist with everything. Based on the experience, I will be coming to you guys for ALL of my future homes for Arizona. Thank you for everything.— Terry Buist

I was very happy with the home inspection you performed. It was very thorough and done in a timely fashion. I really appreciate the photos and the detailed work you did. Thanks for all your help.–John Schramm

The service was top-notch. Scott went above and bey ond for our client!–Kim Adams – Agent

The inspection went well! Even though there were a lot of items on the report to review (as expected with an older property), the process at the house was very positive. Thank you for exhibiting a great attitude and congenial manner. I will be using you again in the future!–Bob DeLancy – Agent/Broker

The inspection was excellent! Inspector was super professional and easy going, and very importantly… thoroughly checked every last nook and cranny. Every step of the way, he explained exactly what he was looking for along with providing helpful short- and long-term maintenance tips. Ive heard stories from friends of some inspectors rushing through the process while some others overdo the write-up.  I understood the difference between a true write-up vs an observation. He provided great advice on what was worth submitting to the seller for repair vs what I am better off doing myself. My Realtor (Vanessa Guizar, DeLex Realty) agreed 100% with his recommendation. Another Realtor referred 1st Insight to Vanessa, so this is the first time she has gone through your company. I told her I absolutely recommend you again, and if anybody I know buys a house, I will gladly recommend they use 1st Insight! Thank you!–Andy Pham

Awesome! Thank you, my client was very satisfied with your service. I do a lot of business and will always recommend you!!–Vanessa Guizar – Agent

We were very pleased with the inspection. We are thankful that you guys could accommodate the appointment so fast and turn around the report so quickly.–Mario Donoso

The inspector was great! Took time to explain things and point out the details of his findings! I would certainly recommend your services to anyone!–Stace Ellis

A fantastic job and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that asked me.–Jeremy Diquattro

I was extremely happy with my home inspection. Awesome!–Christine Freseman

You were great and fast!! Pictures were great and the explanation with red writing! We sent it to the contract or and working to get everything fixed.–Jenna Alvarez

An awesome job, very thorough and conscientious. I know that Chuck has checked everything well, always has a great, upbeat attitude and I enjoy working with him. He is very dedicated to his work and clients.–Liesa Harkness – Agent

The inspection went very well. I am very pleased with how it went. If I were to buy another house some day I would definitely contact you guys.–Manuel Acuna

Thanks for a good job!–Ernest Ababio

Very happy with the home inspection Thank you so much.–Victoria L Bija

I appreciated the professionalism. Definitely be using you guys again.–Carlos Tapia – Agent

The inspection was great. I will definitely be using you again.–Roger Malcolm – Agent

I was very happy with your report. It was very thorough and descriptive. The owners are repairing all of the items dealing with the roof and the pigeons.–Linda Woolson – Agent

I was very satisfied and would recommend your service to anyone.–Kenneth Phelps, Jr

We were very satisfied with the service we received and appreciated the detailed explanations provided. We will certainly maintain your contact information for future purchases and will gladly recommend you to our friends and family.–Jeff Flynn

Inspection was great. Extremely satisfied.–Karen Lalonde

Thank you so much! We were very happy with our services, we would highly recommend you to anyone 🙂–Mallory Cano

Everything was great! Smooth process. I will let you k now when I have another one.–Christopher Young – Agent

Everything was great with the inspection. Scott always does a great job. My buyer’s were very happy with how thorough Scott was in explaining everything. They really liked that he told them little things like where the water shut off valve was to the house. They are a young couple and this is their first house so they dont think about things like that.–Angela McIntyre – Agent

You were terrific and very responsive. I appreciate your help. Our clients are in the property and quite happy. Ive copied our team leader and my colleagues so we can be sure to get you onto our list of vendors we know we can count upon to do a professional and thorough job.–Dan Carroll – Agent

We were very pleased. As Canadian residents, we depended on you to investigate every nook and cranny. Your inspection revealed items that needed attention. Mission accomplished.–Lauren and Al Schiiler

I was EXTREMELY happy with the job done on the home inspection and wouldn\’t hesitate to refer you guys to others. Thank you so much for your help and service! By the way, I am definitely interested in a free year of the home owners network membership. It looks pretty awesome. Please sign me up! Thank you again.–Jeremy Diquattro

A great job on the home inspection. I was provided a very thorough briefing when the inspection was finished. One of the best home inspections I have ever had!! Also, thank you for getting us into your schedule on short notice, very much appreciated.–Michael and Laurie Carter

Hello! We were VERY impressed with the detailed inspection of the Rosewood property in Trilogy. I do not believe we have ever seen an inspection that was so detailed. We appreciate the pictures and arrows pointing to various things. It gave us some definite improvements which the present owners are fixing/correcting and also some things that we will do.–Martha and Dave Wildeman

Thank you, the inspector was very thorough and very helpful in explaining the inspection process. He is knowledgeable and provided good service to us and our agent. We had the detailed inspection report within 2 days. I will definitely be recommending you. I appreciate the help.–Oscar DeAlba – Agent

The inspection went great. The inspector was professional and thorough. We really appreciate it!–Dan Hartman

We were happy with the inspection. We felt you were very thorough and that is greatly appreciated!!–Valerie Dubla

I was very happy with the service and will recommend you to whoever needs a home inspector.–David Schmitt

Stephanie was great! Very thorough, and she was good with follow up as well.–Dianne Shestko – Agent

Stephanie did a very complete inspection of the property. She took the time to explain it to us as well as answer our questions about what she found.–Jerold Searles

Had a great first experience. Thanks so much for the follow up!–Benjamin Ellis- Broker

I enjoyed working with Stephanie. Her experience and keen sense of observation was apparent throughout the Inspection process and subsequent reviews. I found her to be professional and authoritative, yet friendly and approachable. I appreciate that Stephanie has a trades background, which affords her a much more pragmatic viewpoint of the issues that were disclosed. I feel that Stephanie is an asset to 1st Insight Inspections and has greatly enhanced our dealings with your firm.–Rob Onodera

My wife and I were very pleased with your thoroughness both in conducting the inspection and explaining everything to us. You were both extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!–David Vanoverbeke

Very pleased. I will recommend your company as much as I possibly can. Thank you and have a great day!–Jennifer Nill

Everything was great. Thanks so much for the detail and your help!–Jessi Spini

I truly appreciate your efforts and service. You did everything to make the appointment work for the convenience of the seller, the inspection was truly detailed AND the report was completed within the first 24 hours. I must say, its refreshing to have a company that takes pride in their work and does a fantastic job at that! I will definitely be referring all my clients to your company.–Dana Rabadi – Agent

I was very pleased with your thorough inspection.–Stan Jaacks

Stephanie was really nice and professional and easy to get along with which is cool. She also pointed out things that I am sure alot of inspectors would have not noticed. Even sellers realtor was impressed with report, the only thing about paying for an inspection with pool and Spa is actually being able to get info on that and fully determining if the equipment is fully functional, and how it works. I would work with her again. Thanks and good job.–Samuel Montes – Agent

Thank you Chuck for doing such a great job on BOTH of our inspections. Holly and I were very impressed with your attention to detail and the level of professionalism and patience you gave us during our multiple conversations with you. We really appreciate the work you did for us. Again, thank you!–Jason Van Lew

I was happy with the inspection thank you.–Zach Lekan

Chuck I was very pleased with your service. The seller has agreed to replace the water heater, repair the roof, service the air conditioner, and repair the pool electrical.–David Pock

Chuck I was very satisfied with the inspection you provided on the property. Thank you.–Stephen Lauder

My husband and I were both VERY pleased with the professionalism and care Mr. Shaughnessy exhibited during our inspection. He was incredibly thorough and personable. The actual report is organized and easy to read. I would highly recommend your company to all friends and family members.–Jennifer Carrillo

I was completely satisfied with the inspection. Thank you!–Karen Milham

I appreciated your home inspection service, and found your comments to be thorough and helpful.–Carol Morse

We really appreciate your thorough inspection. We are already moving forward with many of your recommendations (we will need to prioritize the others). The images documenting the issues were particularly helpful.–Lorrie McAllister

Thank you! I was very satisfied with the inspection–Lorrie McAllister

I was very impressed by the inspection done. It was extremely thorough and since I bought the property without seeing it in person it helped me see more details on the home from 1500 miles away. Very pleased.–Logan Garman

Our inspection went very well. The individual that did the inspecting was very thural and very informative. He went over each item that he found that needed correcting and and helped us determine what exactly needed to be done to repair each item. Thank you–The Barnett\’s


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