Hire a Arizona licensed HVAC contractor

Licensed HVAC Contractor

Finding a Good Arizona Licensed HVAC Contractor

Sometimes after the inspection, 1st Insight will recommend using a licensed HVAC contractor.  Many states that license an HVAC contractor require the applicant to have a minimum amount of experience, around two to five years, working with HVAC systems. That experience is imperative because HVAC contractors will have to have a good understanding of numerous components. Such as: how things such as refrigerant, electrical wiring, airflow through heating ducts, and combustion systems work. Not only is your comfort important, but safety is a critical factor when choosing a good Arizona licensed HVAC contractor.

Check the HVAC License

Checking a contractor’s license number is as easy as going online and looking it up on a government website. Sometimes, an individual city and municipality will have their specific requirements for an HVAC contractor as well. Heating and cooling work can also require repairing or installing plumbing to supply the oil or natural gas to equipment. So an HVAC contractor can be required to have a licensed plumber readily available, too.

Bonded and Insured

Heating and cooling contractors have to meet specific minimum experience and education requirements. Plus pass a written exam in order to be licensed. The contractor should be bonded and have liability and worker’s compensation insurance in case something were to happen. Accidents happen all the time in the construction trade industry. It can be the homeowner’s fault, or the contractor’s. Having that insurance will make fixing that problem so much easier. Plus there is additional financial protection for using a licensed HVAC contractor.


Professionals will have a list of recent customers who can be contacted in order to verify they perform their work in a timely manner and to their client’s satisfaction. It’s important to call those references in order to get relevant details about how the projects went.


HVAC equipment has a high cost for repairing, replacing, and installing new systems, so it’s essential to get an estimate from a few contractors first. The project cost is probably the most important consideration for homeowners, so be sure to get a breakdown of everything that is included and how much materials will cost.


Most HVAC contractors will have specific brands they carry and are comfortable working with. They get discounts from the manufacturers they can pass on to you.  Sometimes hiring a contractor might be less expensive than doing it yourself due to these discounts. Be sure to check on what brands the contractor is comfortable working with to make sure you get the brand you want.

Payment Schedule

When a larger job is being performed, make sure your contractor is willing to accept payments and determine what the payment schedule will be. Make sure to read the fine print of the contract, and never pay for more than the materials up front. It’s normal for contractors to ask for a percentage up front to pay for purchasing any materials necessary. But beware of contractors who ask for a large lump sum up front. They might be planning to take the money and run, or they might not do as good of a job because they don’t have a good enough incentive.