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Why do I need a home inspection in Gilbert?

Searching for Gilbert home inspectors? Search no further, 1st Insight Inspections is the best choice for your Gilbert home inspector. We are a service-oriented, inspection company, which serves both home buyers and home sellers. 1st Insight conducts property inspections which include the exterior, interior, observation for visible mold, termite inspection, appliance safety checks and more. 1st Insight Inspections wants to be you Gilbert Home inspector, conducting inspections in Gilbert AZ and throughout the Greater East Valley

Purchasing a home in is the single largest expense most people ever make. The small investment in having a professional home inspection performed in most cases, identifies items that are in need of repair that can be negotiated to have the seller either repair the items at the sellers cost, or have the seller discount the house the estimated cost for repairs so the buyer can make the repairs without having to come out of pocket to do so.

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Choose Your Gilbert Home Inspector Wisely 

When beginning your hunt for your Gilbert home inspector, be sure to consider their expertise level. Just because an inspector is licensed, that does not mean they are experienced. !st insight inspections principal – Charles Shaughnessy has 20 years of experience in the home inspection field. Would you rather have a specialist that is newly out of school or one that has no less than 20 years of experience? Spending a few dollars extra for someone with more experience may save you thousands of dollars down the line.

Are termites in Gilbert that big of a deal?

Termites in Arizona may be small, but they do have the ability to damage the wood structures in a home, if they are left undisclosed for a very long time. There is a saying in the real estate industry – it’s not if your house will have termites, but when. Termites are very prevalent in Arizona.

Should I back out of a deal if my inspection report has a significant number of repair items?

Not necessarily. A home inspection report will always find items in need of repair. Some minor and some major. In residential homes, just about everything is repairable or replaceable.  Just because several major items are found doesn’t mean that the house is not for you. In many cases the seller will agree to correct some, or all of the repairs at their cost to insure that the sale of the home proceeds.

Testimonials from Gilbert residents

The report was clear, the defects were identified for us, the purchase of our house was easier once we knew what we were buying.” – Ben K. Rock Hill, Gilbert AZ

Charles is awesome! He took his time walking us through the house we were considering buying and showed us issues that we were not aware of. Because of the inspection report, we were able to negotiate with the sellers to make the repairs before we closed! Well worth the investment!” – Mike and Lindsey S. – City of Gilbert

1st Insight Inspections was thorough in inspecting our property. We were getting ready to sell our home in the city of Gilbert and our realtor recommended a pre-listing home inspection. We hesitated at first, but it saved us a ton of headaches once we sold our home.

The buyer’s home inspector was surprised on how our 8 year old home was in such good condition. (because we took care of the repairs identified by 1st Insight Inspections BEFORE we listed the house) Thanks a million, Chuck!” Betsy and John Dailey. – Chandler, AZ

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Home Buyers Inspection:

Your home purchase will undoubtedly be one of the largest investments of your life. At first look the home may appear to be in great condition. However, there may be a number of unobserved defects, or safety hazards. Plus there might be major household items which are near the end of their life span, items such as the roof, water heater, air conditioner, or heater.
Home sellers are required to disclose information about their house up front in a disclosure form. However their memory may fail, or most likely, they simply do not know about the deficiencies (issues) that might exist in their very own home.

Home Sellers Inspection (Listing Inspection): One of the main reasons a home sale transaction can fall apart, is the inspection, or in the seller's case, lack of an inspection.
A seller's report is not meant to replace buyer's inspections. It's purpose is to uncover defects in advance so that the buyer's inspections don't become deal-breakers. Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection, so you may as well know what they are going to find out ahead of time. This way you can disclose these findings, or get repairs done.

Home Warranty Inspection:

You bought yourself a new home, but now your 1 year builders warranty is about to expire. The warranty was your life raft, let us inspect your home before your warranty expires. Why risk having to pay for repairs that could have been discovered with a thorough inspection? Let the builder pay to fix any found deficiencies. You certainly don't want to pay to repair or replace any items when you sell your house.
Items that the buyers home inspection might discover.

Brand New Constructed Home Inspection: Although a city and/or county inspector comes out and looks at a home to be sure it is built to code, they don't usually check for functionality.
With so many sub-contractors working simultaneously on a home during the build, it is easy if not commonplace to overlook things. Often inspections of brand new homes have more deficiencies than existing homes (homeowners have had the time to work the kinks out). Good builders will have no problems fixing deficiencies found by a home inspector. It is absolutely worth it to have a home inspection done on a brand new home.

Home Maintenance Inspection: 

Why wait for plumbing leaks, or roof leaks to happen. Or why waste energy from an attic, or from an HVAC issue?Most homeowners really to not pay attention to the maintenance needs of their greatest investment - their home. Let 1st Insight conduct an inspection on your home, you don't have to be selling or buying a home for an inspection. Look at this service as insurance for your home. A lack of proper maintenance, is what often leads to thousands of dollars in unexpected in expenses.

Appliance Safety Check / ReCall Chek: Did you know that most of the 195 million recalled appliances in American homes are not identified until there is a fire or other tragedy. Many other appliances with functionality recalls are replaced at the consumer's expense even though a manufacturer is responsible. Let us identify your appliances to see if they are on a recall list. In the event of a potential recall, a report including
1) the nature of the recall,
2) where the product was sold,
3) how to remedy the defect, and
4) how to get the item repaired / replaced in most cases
1st Insight Inspections utilizes a third party company which specializes in recalled products.

Termite Inspection:

Homes can be attacked by unseen termites and other wood-devouring insects including carpenter ants, bees, and wood beetles that often do catastrophic structural damage. So every home should be inspected by a qualified expert at least once per year. These wood destroying insect or termite inspection professionals can recommend safe and affordable ways to protect homes from future infestation. Let 1st Insight schedule your termite inspection for you, it is just $50.00 (90 Day Warranty), or $75.00 (1yr Warranty with Complimentary Pest Control Spray) additional with a home inspection. Warranties are included only if no signs of termites were observed.
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