Being Extra Helpful

Individuals choose a career as a home inspector for many different reasons, and for 1st Insight, being extra helpful is at the top of the list. A home purchase is the most significant investment that most people will make in their life time. A house is more than just a building, its a home, and for most, a crucial piece of retirement.

We Provide Solutions –  Interactive eBook Guide

Included with every inspection (currently 75 videos, and 44 articles)

Understanding the home inspection findings, and knowing how to tackle projects is crucially important. Its important for all the parties involved in the real estate transaction. Whether it is a DIY project, a handyman project, or a job for a licensed professional, having knowledge on how things should be done is extremely important. The information provided can easily save anyone hundreds, to thousands of dollars in repairs, and future upgrades and remodeling.



We Fix Some Minor Items for Free

In keeping with our belief of being extra helpful. The inspector will do his best to fix these 6 items if found during a home inspection.

Tighten a leaking or spraying hose bib.

Un-jamb a garbage disposal.

Tighten a leaking shower head connection.

Hand tighten a loose or leaking drain connection.

Adjust a cabinet door.

Supply up to 3 receptacle covers.

Competitively priced 

Even thought we give Mercedes Benz service, our pricing is more like a fully loaded Chevy.

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