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Did you know that some home inspection companies only inspect a sampling of certain household items? These companies are often the cheapest.

Items such as windows, electrical outlets, lights, switches, doors, cabinets, etc… Many companies only inspect a sampling of those items, because that is all that is required of a AZ home inspector. Examples of this would be to only inspect one window or one electrical outlet per room. And some companies do not walk on the roof, or inspect your sprinkler system.

I will walk on the roof, inspect every electrical outlet, every light, every switch, and every window. As long as they are not blocked by furniture or the sellers stored articles. I will always do my very best to access the rooftop, so I can walk on the roof. I want to walk on the roof. And as a courtesy, I will test the irrigation system manually via the irrigation control valves.

Chuck Shaughnessy
Inspector / Owner



All Inspection Services are Not Equal Hiring someone for a service is not the same as buying a consumer product, with a product you can compare apples to apples exactly (same brand, same product, & same model number). When it comes to service in any industry, whether it be a plumber, an electrician, or even a doctor – there are major differences in the level of service you will receive. This is no different when it come to a home inspector – inspection companies are not equal. Their level of inspection service, experience and the guarantees they provide to their customers are very different.

Do you want the Cheapest, or the Best Inspection? You can always find someone who is cheaper, but why would you want an inspector who gets the bulk of their business by being the cheapest. For most people their home is there single largest investment. 1st Insight Inspections is very competitive with their pricing, even though the very best service, and protection is given. The cost of the inspection is different and unfortunately is usually considered last, if at all. The cost of a service continues for days, weeks, months and even years after the price has been paid.

*All pricing is subject to change.


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