Meat and potatoes inspection

Buyers Meat and Potatoes Inspection | Listing Inspection | Subtract $50.00

The Meat & Potatoes inspection, and a Listing inspection does not include Our buyer protection plans. But otherwise you get the same thorough inspection as 1st Insight always provides. With one exception, we will not attempt to test the irrigation system (normally we do as a courtesy, this is not a home inspection requirement). We will as always have photos and text for every finding (comment or issue), however we will have less general, and informational photos for this report.

*  Subtract $50.00 from our listed home inspection fees for the cost of a Meat & Potatoes inspection.

The $50.00 subtraction, also reflects the price for a brand new home inspection, or a new home 12 month warranty inspection.

Meat & Potatoes Inspection starts at $295.00 up to 1750 sf


Additional Fees

  • Pool with heater inspection $65
  • Pool / Spa combo inspection $75.00
  • Standard Termite inspection $50.00
  • Detached structures / Mother in-law suites are an additional $35 to $75
  • Additional fee for homes over 25 years old
  • Small fuel surcharge added for properties more than 20 miles from area code 85048
*Prices subject to change