Meat and potatoes inspection

Meat and Potatoes Inspection

This alternative inspection is for people who are only concerned with the major / more expensive issues identified during a home inspection. This inspection allows 1st Insight to discount our standard buyer’s inspection by about $100.00. Our protection plans are included with this inspection.
Pricing for single family homes up to 25 yrs old, within 20 miles of zip code 85048. See fees for distance, and older homes.
$245.00 up to 1500 sf
$255.00 up to 1750 sf
$265.00 up to 2000 sf
$280.00 up to 2250 sf
$295.00 up to 2500 sf
$310.00 up to 2750 sf
$330.00 up to 3000 sf
$355.00 up to 3250 sf
$380.00 up to 3500 sf
$405.00 up to 3750 sf
$430.00 up to 4000 sf

Any item which is excluded in the below list, can be added for an additional fee. Many inspectors do not even inspect. or report items we excluded from the meat and potatoes inspection. Our standard buyers home inspection goes beyond what is required by the state. AZ Standards of Professional Practice for Home Inspections


Please note if you want most of these items added into the inspection, it might be less money to order our standard buyers inspection. And most definitely, if you wanted all the items added back in.

The Meat & Potatoes Inspection includes everything that the our standard buyers inspection “Limited Visual Inspection” includes, with the following exceptions:

1. Cracks: Only cracks that are a concern will be reported. This pertains to all locations – exterior walls, garage, driveway, or the interior. Common settlement / expansion cracks will not be reported. To add this exclusion $20.00
2. Cabinets, and Countertops: Cosmetic damage such as scratches, or finish wear, etc. will not be reported. Moisture damage, or major damage will be reported. To add exclusions $10.00
2. Appliances: Only the kitchen dishwasher, oven, and microwave will be inspected and operated.  To add exclusions – one fridge $10.00, washer and dryer $5.00 ea.
3. Interior Doors: a door rubbing will not be reported, but if it wont close it will be reported. To add this exclusion $10.00
4. Grounds: Perimeter wall / fence, and gates will not be inspected. And any built -in grill, or outside fireplace will not be inspected. To add exclusion perimeter wall and gates $20.00, and to add built-in-grill or fireplace $10.00 ea.
5. Irrigation: Usually in our limited visual inspection this is inspected at the solenoid control valves as a courtesy, it will not be inspected. To add checking / running system from the solenoid valves $15.00
6. Utility or Laundry Sinks: will not be inspected. To add $10.00 ea.
7. Window Screens: will not be inspected. To add $15.00

Additional Options | Fees

Pool inspection $55
Pool with heater inspection $65
Pool / Spa combo inspection $75.00
Termite inspection $50.00
Detached structures / Mother in-law suites are an additional $35 to $75
Additional fee for homes over 25 years old
Fuel surcharge added for properties more than 20 miles from area code 85048