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Why do I need a Mesa home inspector?

Purchasing a home is the single largest expense most people ever make. The small investment in having a professional home inspection performed in most cases, identifies items that are in need of repair that can be negotiated to have the seller either repair the items at the sellers cost, or have the seller discount the house the estimated cost for repairs so the buyer can make the repairs without having to come out of pocket to do so.

1st Insight Inspections is a service-oriented home inspection company, which serves both home buyers and home sellers (listing inspections). We conduct property inspections which include: Attic, Basement, Bathrooms, Chimney, Cooling/ Heating, Doors, Electrical, Exterior, Foundation, Garage, Grounds, Insulation, Interior, Kitchen, Plumbing, Roof, Water Heater, Windows, and even the irrigation is looked at as a courtesy. 1st Insight conducts inspections in Mesa and throughout the Greater East Valley.

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Frequently asked questions about home inspections

What typically happens about the items found on a home inspection report?

When a buyer presents findings from a Mesa home inspector and asks to have the items repaired, in many cases, the seller will either pay to have them repaired, or negotiate an amount to cover the cost of repairs to be discounted from the sales price so the buyer can get the repairs completed. However if it is a very hot sellers market, many sellers will refuse to fix many items.

Money is tight when buying a home; what about getting my friend in construction to look over the home for me?

While everyone in the city of Mesa knows someone in the construction industry, they may not be qualified to evaluate all aspects of a home, like a certified home inspector does. A general practitioner is a doctor, but you wouldn’t trust him to do heart surgery, would you?

I am buying a new construction home, why would I need an inspection?

Even a new construction property can need repairs to items that are not readily visible to an untrained eye. During construction, it is possible for roof trusses to be broken during installation. This can lead problems down the road. Roof shingles or concrete tiles are sometimes damaged in the construction process, foundations sometimes are damaged by landscaping equipment, along with dozens of other items that can go unnoticed.

Are all Mesa home inspectors equal? Should I choose the lowest price inspector?

Not quite. While the certifications of the inspectors in Mesa may be the same, nothing substitutes for experience and professionalism. An inspector that has had years of experience building and remodeling homes typically has a more thorough knowledge of the inner workings of a home and what defects typically are left unrepaired 1st Insight’s principal is a home inspector with 17 years of experience, and also has been a licensed general contractor, an inspector with these credentials certainly would be a more likely choice.


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