Using newsletters and blog postings is an inexpensive but highly effective method for marketing your real estate services. These tools can help you connect with new clients and strategic partners or vendors. They can give you an attractive way to stay in touch with existing or former clients. They also do a great job of helping to keep your professional brand fresh, dynamic, and interactive.

Why They Work

McKinsey & Company, which specializes in marketing and sales resources, explains that more than nine out of 10 Americans use email on a daily basis. Plus emails motivate people to buy three times as much as social media does, and consumers tend to spend more each time. You may have already observed that even the National Realtors Association makes frequent use of newsletters and blogs that can be emailed to you electronically, at very little cost. According to a leading marketing firm, every dollar spend on email marketing returns an average of $44.25. That’s a pretty fantastic return on investment.

How to Manage Them

There are many software programs that can automate your emailed content. Email management programs like MailChimp may even allow to you send emails to as many as 2,000 different people, for free. But these programs also work just fine as a tool for sending newsletters and blog posts. After you create your newsletter, which can be done using predesigned templates, send it through one of these programs. MailChimp offers newsletter templates, for instance. They also provides Realtors with helpful information, tailored to your real estate marketing needs. Or post your new blog on your website, then just copy it into an email, too. Most of these email management software programs also offer analytics and tracking, giving you metrics to see how your blog or newsletter email marketing is performing

You Don’t Need to Be a Writer

If you don’t consider yourself a good writer, or just don’t have time to write, that’s not a problem. Much of the newsletter and blog content you see online wasn’t created by the person who used it in their marketing. They hired a professional freelancer to do it. An adept writer can create content customized to fit your image, brand, and to target your specific audience demographic. They can also write it so that it appeals to a particular local geographical area. They come up with the content, based on your guidelines and preferences, and then the writing aspect of blogging or newsletter creation is solved. You can also hire a ghostwriter. That’s a writer who will let you put your name on their content, and they’ll give you free rein to use what they write as your own, without any concerns for copyright, royalties, or additional compensation.

Keep it Fresh and Informative

To boost your sales and listings, give readers information they don’t already know. One simple way is to include a newsletter once a month that updates everyone on your email list about the newest data and insight into housing market trends. You can do that by visiting, and signing up for their special housing trends newsletter. Then just plug it you’re your own newsletter marketing strategy and you’re good to go. You can customize the newsletter, too, by including a section that’s all your own. In that way you can tailor it to fit your own brand messaging and local marketing image.

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