4 Social Media Tips for Realtors

Social media is one of the most valuable and time-saving resources for real estate brokers and agents. But only if you use it strategically and wisely. You can easily build your brand, stay fresh and relevant, and connect to buyers and sellers. Just make sure you use social media in a way that delivers the most value, and does not just create more busy work to waste your time and expertise. Here are four smart tips to make that happen.

#1 Choose Appropriate Platforms

The first step is to pick the right platforms. YouTube may be great for doing walk-throughs of your listings and for doing how-to videos to teach people how to succeed when buying or selling a home. Podcasts are also valuable for sharing information. But LinkedIn is where you’re going to find professionals and corporate connections, which are great if you are a relocation specialist or work with investors. Meanwhile Facebook is ideal for staying in touch with everyone in your social circle, and it’s the best place to cultivate those personal relationships that blossom outside the office. Instagram is also a great place to showcase your listings. Select the platform or combination of platforms that suit you best, and focus on those.

#2 Ease Your Social Media Workload

Perhaps the most common complaint among Realtors is that social media is a full-time job. But there are efficient social media management tools and software packages that can save you time. You can use programs such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible, and Everypost to assist you. That way you can write one post and have it automatically load to multiple social media platforms. You can schedule posts so that they go live when you want them to. Some of these tools will even track metrics for you so you can see what’s working best in terms of social media. If you’re not marketing yourself on social media, you need to. Once you are, you should take advantage of these kinds of specially-designed tools.

#3 Give Your Followers Real Value

You’ve heard it before, but it still holds true. If you want to succeed at social media marketing and branding, give those who follow you real value. That can be education, insight into real estate marketing trends, or even a favorite recipe or gardening tip. The goal is to continually give something useful to those you want to attract with social media. That way they’ll keep coming back for more. Then when they need a Realtor or have a friend who needs one, you’ll already be established as their go-to expert. This strategy works on virtually all social media platforms, and will establish your credibility while building bonds of trust. Clients will start to realize that you aren’t just in it for the money. They’ll see that you have a service attitude and are a valuable community asset.

#4 Take it Offline ASAP

Social media done right is highly engaging. But if you only engage online, it’s not going to help you get listings and close sales. One of the biggest traps when it comes to social media marketing is that people invest lots of energy in it, but only wind up with an online presence. Your online presence or brand is only there to help bolster your offline business. Keep that goal in your sights. After you develop a connection with someone online, take practical steps to move that relationship offline. Meet for coffee, invite them to one of your real estate open houses, or set up an appointment to discuss their real estate needs. That’s where the payoff happens. You’ll still keep in touch online. But now it will be a real client-Realtor relationship, the kind that generates actual business and income for you.

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